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By Pablo Neruda, Richard Schaaf

Poetry, Chile, tr Richard Schaaf, bilingual

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52 53 Celebracion Celebration 54 55 P ongamonos los zapatos, la camisa listada, el traje azul aunque ya brillen los codos, pongamonos los fuegos de bengala y de artifici 0, pongamonos vino y cerveza entre el cuello y los pies, porque debidamente debemos celebrar este numero inmenso que casto tanto tiempo, tantos anos y dias en paquetes, tantas horas, tantos millones de minutos, vamos a celebrar esta inauguracion. 56 Let us put on our shoes, the pin -striped shirt, the blue suit though it shines from long wear, let us light the flares and set off fireworks, let the wine and beer flow from our necks to our toes, because duly we must celebrate this immense number that cost so much time, so many years and days in bundles, so many hours, so many millions of minutes: let us celebrate this inauguration.

Mientras tanto una hoja del follaje acrecienta el comienzo de la edad: rama por ram a se cruzara el ramaje, hoja por hoja subiran los dias y fruto a fruto llegara la paz: el arbol de la dicha se prepara desde la encarnizada raiz que sobrevive bus cando el agua, la verdad, la vida. 58 Let us unleash all our bottled up happiness and seek out some lost sweetheart who accepts a festive nibble. It is today. Today has arrived. Let us walk on the rug of the inquiring millennium. The heart, the almond of the mounting epoch, the definitive grape will go on depositing themselves in us, and truth - so long awaited - will arrive.

Mi osamenta consistio, a veces, en palabras duras como huesos al aire y a la lluvia, y pude celebrar 10 que sucede dejando en vez de canto 0 testimonio un porfiado esqueleto de palabras. About this there can be no doubt. My skeleton consisted, at times, in words hard as bones exposed to the air and rain, and I was able to celebrate what is happening leaving behind instead of a song or testimony an enduring skeleton of stubborn words.

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