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By Paula Berinstein

Tale advisor and Writing exhibit host Paula B. provides an annotated checklist of forty two universal error she sees for all time. Divided into characters, constitution, reader engagement, the marketplace, and mechanics, the thing deals every thing from the Tease--the author who will get readers all excited yet does not stick with via, to the Bleeding Heart--the author who will not "murder his darlings."

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Showing us the flaw in action not only makes your character believable, but also makes us feel his pain. When we see the trouble he's causing for himself, we engage with him and care what happens to him. " 8. The 50-year-old High School Football Hero. Your protagonist isn't transformed at the end of the story. With the possible exception of detectives in mysteries, by the end of the story, your protagonist should have confronted and resolved the internal problem that was presented at the beginning.

There are two ways this problem can manifest itself. Either you promise a payoff and then disappoint, or you gloss over the good stuff rather than taking your time with it. Some people do both. Many writers put their heroes in jeopardy only to resolve the crisis before it's begun. Don't just show the threat. Ratchet up the tension and turn the threat into action. For example, let's say your protagonist is relaxing on a lonely beach and decides to go body surfing. She gets caught in the undertow and nearly drowns, but a passerby dives into the water and saves her.

14. The Passing Acquaintance. You don't know enough about your characters to make them interesting or believable. The secret to building a rounded character is knowing him so well that you can hear his self-talk. You know what he thinks and the words he uses inside his own head; what he wants and needs; how he reacts to what's going on around him; what bothers him and why; what he would do in almost any situation because that's always how he behaves; the seminal and trivial events of his life; what his daughter said to him this morning and his boss did to him last week.

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