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By Gord Breedyk, Wayne Tebb, Werner Voight, Werner Voigt

The extraordinary tale of a guy who was once born in Germany and determined, as a tender guy, to to migrate to Africa.  His booklet describes sixty years reports as a settler, durning which he built plantations for his staff and at last for himself.  He and his relations skilled many hardships, disappointments and rewards whereas residing in East Africa from 1926 to 1986.

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Sometimes, if the dhows were becalmed, only a box filled with damp sawdust reached Bagamoyo. Many years later, a young German was expecting his bride from Germany. To make it more romantic, he went over to Zanzibar with a dhow to collect her. She had told her fellow passengers proudly about her forthcoming trip in the dhow. Her husband-to-be had assured her that in a few hours they would be in Bagamoyo, and that she should not worry. He was wrong. The dhow was becalmed and drifted around for nearly two days!

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