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By Stefan Einhorn

Highly acclaimed in Sweden the place it was once first released in either hardcover and paperback variations, A hid God poses interesting questions:

•Does God actually exist?
•If so, is the idea that of God logical and in contract with the data of the realm that technology has supplied to date?

The God offered by means of such a lot religions does not make feel in latest global; now we have little room for miracles. in addition, there are irreconcilable points within the world's religions. needs to we abandon our religion or trust in God? maybe now not, says renowned Swedish philosopher Stefan Einhorn. we will behave as scientists do once they run experiments in simple terms to acquire contradictory effects. They ask themselves no matter if there may not be a logical end that binds all of the effects jointly and results in the main possible explanation.

Einhorn hypothesizes that if God really exists, then many various religions may have came upon this. He unearths a standard denominator within the thought of a hidden God in seven significant religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. yet despite this shared trust, will we understand if God exists? Did humankind create the assumption of God to reply to the unexplainable? What approximately evil and affliction, the absence of which means in lifestyles, loneliness and lack of confidence? And most significantly, how will we look for a hid God?

Most religions proportion universal ideas for the hunt for "that that's concealed," together with meditation, contemplation, and prayer. no matter what direction is selected, the quest for God could deliver us a few solutions. Einhorn concludes that subject matters are vital to the hunt: one is that God is either hid and concurrently omnipresent; the opposite is that merely with utter humility and an understanding of our lack of ability to completely comprehend might we process the divine.

In the tip, there are not any sure solutions. however the seek sheds mild at the many paths to enlightenment provided by way of the world's religions.

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How can a feeling be described to those who have never felt it? The books we have read and the stories we have heard from people who have encountered the divine will not suffice for us to comprehend what God is. This is a problem with which Jewish mystics have long struggled, and their conclusion has often been that there is no choice but to be silent and allow every human being to pursue his or her own inner search for the divine. The paradox, not only for Jewish mystics,4 is that the same people who assert that it is meaningless to try to describe God in words are also the ones who have written thick tomes about their mystical experiences.

In the Old Norse religions there are the gods Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi, for example, and there are Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos in the religion of classical Greece. In other religions, such as Islam, this may be an aspect of the one God. THE CONCEALED GOD Go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. —Matthew 6:6 Most religions, including those traditionally regarded as polytheistic, hold a belief in an ultimate being. Sometimes this God is comprehensible and fitted out with human qualities; at other times the highest God has no human traits at all, and is incomprehensible, indescribable, and concealed.

Traditional Judaism has a tendency to interpret the religious legends and the statements attributed to God more literally than does the mystical tradition, where these descriptions are regarded more as symbolic. In traditional Judaism, the importance of doing good deeds and complying with the laws is mainly for the sake of one’s fellow human beings, while mysticism stresses the thought that God needs humankind in this regard. Traditional Judaism is more centered on reason and logical thinking than is mysticism, where the focus is more on the emotional experience of the divine.

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