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In a sense, the human security approach is an extension of the internal methods of integration. The European Union is a political experiment that cannot be confined by territory. The other conception of Europe is as a superpower in the making. 16 Marlies Glasius and Mary Kaldor Even before the Second World War, Ernest Bevin, later to become British Foreign Secretary, talked about the advantages of ‘pooling’ the European colonies. There has always been a strand of Europeanism which sees the project as a way of reversing the decline of Europe’s Great Powers.

Instead of the dominance of a world market-oriented economic system based locally and nationally often on new forms of elite domination and misrule, as we see presently in Afghanistan and Iraq, a social contract is required that offers perspectives to survive. ‘Wealth distribution and access to rights and opportunities are extremely uneven, and economic activity is privatised without accountability or provision for public infrastructure and welfare’ (Pugh 2003: 53). The four levels of a public multi-level monopoly of force Although the proposed multi-level public monopoly of violence would be difficult to implement, a number of measures can be taken and policies introduced that aim at such a system.

This would include equal respect for all human lives instead of privileging one side, protecting people, and arresting individual criminals rather than defeating an enemy. Chapter 11 by Salmon and Kaldor in this volume elaborates on these principles. The distinctive nature of the European Union As mentioned above, the human security approach need not be unique to Europe. But it can be considered as a particularly appropriate policy for A vision for Europe and beyond 15 the European Union, depending on one’s view of what the European experiment is all about.

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