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Thus, as explained in chapter 1, the governing committee of the IMF is the board of governors, composed mostly of members’ finance ministers or central banks’ governors. Alternatively, the extensive relations between the ECJ and national courts in Europe was originally structured by the Treaty of Rome, providing for national courts to refer cases involving questions of EEC law to the ECJ. Even there, however, the national courts of the individual members of the Euro- 34 INTRODUCTION pean Union have no status at international law, thus the relations that have evolved between the ECJ and the national courts and the principles governing them are still informal.

In this context, I propose five basic principles designed to ensure an inclusive, tolerant, respectful, and decentralized world order. They include the horizontal norms of global deliberative equality, legitimate difference, and positive comity, and the vertical norms of checks and balances and subsidiarity. Global Deliberative Equality. A global order of networks among government officials and institutions cannot work without efforts to maximize the possibilities of participation both by individuals and groups at the level of national and transnational society and by nations of all kinds at the level of the state.

They will ultimately determine whether a disaggregated world order is a world order worth having. 5. CONCLUSION: PUSHING THE PARADIGM The mantra of this book is that the state is not disappearing; it is disaggregating. Its component institutions—regulators, judges, and even legislators—are all reaching out beyond national borders in various ways, finding that their once “domestic” jobs have a growing international dimension. As they venture into foreign territory, they encounter their foreign counterparts—regulators, judges, and legislators— and create horizontal networks, concluding memoranda of understanding to govern their relations, instituting regular meetings, and even creating their own transgovernmental organizations.

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