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A. ’ said Clifford, mocking the vernacular. (Lawrence, The First Lady Chatterley, p. *Clifford asked whether she didna think so hersen. ’ (vii) Addressee-oriented adverbials A final class of constructions appearing in direct but not indirect speech are those adverbials which in sentence-initial position are semantically predicated on the relation between speaker and addressee. They include between you and me, frankly, confidentially, candidly, to be honest and if you ask me. ’10 (2lb) is unacceptable with ‘between him and her’; with ‘frankly,’ it is acceptable only with parenthetical intonation.

C. ‘Pick me up at five,’ John said. Other such obligatorily transitive communication verbs include add, analyze, and state. But these resemblances between the introductory E of direct speech and the parenthetical S mask crucial differences which make it difficult to maintain the analysis of Banfield (1973) deriving the second from the first. We observe the following sources of difficulty: (i) Exclusively parenthetical verbs Only communication verbs appear in the introductory E, but conscious­ ness verbs as well may appear in the parenthetical.

What department did she want? Elizabeth interrupted her. , p. ’ b. —I would go a step further, Mr Bloom insinuated. (Joyce, Ulysses, p. ’ b. —Jews, he softly imparted in an aside in Stephen’s ear, are accused of ruining. , pp. ’ b. —Monsieur de la Palisse, Stephen sneered. , p. ’ b. —All these questions are purely academic, Russell oracled out of his shadow. , p. ’ b. ‘I don’t —particularly,’ rapped Duncan. (Lawrence, The First Lady Chatterley, p. 235) (ii) The demonstrative complement If parenthetical Ss are derived from the introductory E of direct speech, then the two would share the same deep structure demonstrative object.

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