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By Dorothy McBride Stetson

Containing the result of a cross-national learn venture on abortion politics in 11 democratic states (between the Nineteen Sixties and 2000), this quantity marks significant development in abortion study. It develops a entire examine layout to ascertain even if women's coverage corporations (institutional teams meant to enhance the prestige of ladies) have functioned as precious and potent allies of women's hobbies. It explores their efforts to realize entry to energy arenas and safe abortion legislation that coincide with feminist ambitions. certainly, those findings represent a rigorous software of comparative method to evaluate causes from social circulation and democratic thought bearing on diversifications in kingdom feminism and circulation luck.

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Many, such as the liberal branch of the Catholic Church in Austria, some bishops, and most lay organizations argued against the use of mifegyne because they feared that this pill would ease the moral dilemma of choosing abortion. They sought an executive order to restrict access to abortion. But, in contrast to the fundamentalists, the liberal branch focused on ways of helping women who had problem pregnancies. They demanded more counselling and argued that the counsellor should not be the same person as the doctor who performs the abortion, as is possible under to the existing law.

But there were some legal exceptions. There was no punishment if the pregnant woman's life was in immediate danger or her physical and mental health would be greatly impaired by continuing the pregnancy, or if the pregnancy was due to rape and use offeree. In these exceptional cases, only a medical doctor was allowed to perform the abortion. The Austrian Social Democratic Party, a party with a long tradition of women's movement activism, took the lead in demanding the liberalization of the nineteenth-century abortion law.

A new debate started when, in 1998, the pharmaceutical industry wanted the Austrian state to authorize the use of mifegyne, also known as RU 486 or the 'abortion pill'. Mifegyne offers an alternative to surgery for women seeking an abortion. The use of mifegyne to terminate pregnancies had already been authorized in several countries of the European Union. Reports from France, where the pill had been in use for some years under medically supervised conditions, showed a number of women choosing this new method.

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