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By Yi An Cui, En Ming Xiang (auth.), Jian Lee (eds.)

2010 First overseas convention on electric and Electronics Engineering used to be held in Wuhan, China December 4-5. complex electric and Electronics Engineering publication includes seventy two revised and prolonged study articles written via renowned researchers engaging within the convention. themes coated comprise, energy Engineering, Telecommunication, regulate engineering, sign processing, Iintegrated circuit, digital amplifier, Nano-technologies, Circuits and networks, Microelectronics, Analog circuits, electronic circuits, Nonlinear circuits, Mixed-mode circuits, Circuits layout, Sensors, CAD instruments, DNA computing, Superconductivity circuits. electric and Electronics Engineering will supply the nation of paintings of great advances in electric and Electronics Engineering and likewise function an outstanding reference paintings for researchers and graduate scholars operating with/on electric and Electronics Engineering.

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1. 2 Theoretical Analysis When the P-I-N power diode is added forward voltage, its forward voltage drop is low. When the diode is added reverse voltage, its reverse voltage is high[2]. When the voltage added on power diode changes from forward voltage to reverse voltage, the diode can not be cut-off immediately[3][4]. The reason is that many carriers stored in I region can not disappear immediately. It needs period of time that these carriers are extracted or recombined completely and this is the reverse recovery time trr.

Chang-Sheng, L. Feng-Ting, and L. Wei Te = KsU 2 (5) where K is constant value depending on the parameters of the machine and s is the machine slip. 1 show the one line diagram of the implemented d-q equivalent circuit of induction generators[11-13] : 5V Z\ GV L TV 8 TV / U Z  ZU \ GU 5U /V /P LTU 8 TU (a) q-axis equivalent circuit 5V 8 GV Z\ TV /V L GV / U Z  ZU \ TU 5U /P L GU 8 GU (b) d-axis equivalent circuit Fig. 2. d-q axis equivalent circuit Detailed explanation of this equivalent circuit was clearly describled as follow: U ds U qs U dr U qr d ψ ds − ω sψ dt d ψ qs = − ω sψ dt = qs + r s i ds ds + r s i qs d ψ dr − ( ω s − ω r )ψ dt d ψ qr = − ( ω s − ω r )ψ dt = (6) qs + r r i dr ds + r r i qr ψ ds = ( L1s + Lm )ids + Lm i dr ψ qs = ( L1s + Lm )iqs + Lm i qr (7) ψ ds = ( L1r + Lm )i dr + Lm idr ψ ds = ( L1r + Lm )i qr + Lm iqr where uds and uqs represent thestator voltage, udr and uqr the rotor voltage, ψds and ψqs represent the stator flux linkage , ψdr and ψqr the rotor flux linkage, ids and iqs the stator 、 Short-Circuit Characteristics 29 、 current, idr iqr the rotor current, ωs the synchronous speed, the parameters of the machine Ls, rs, Lr, rr, and Lm represent the stator reactance, stator resistance, rotor reactance, rotor resistance, and mutual reactance respectively, s is the rotor slip.

Table 1 shows, speed sensor and position transducer data acquisition can be synchronized by control. The time of Gyroscope’s data generation is at random, but the time interval is invariably. The time sampling interval of Laser scanner sensor is 22 X. Xu and Z. 6ms, need to find matching data by algorithm. In the system, if the time difference of collection between the Laser scanner sensor and Speed Sensor less than or equal to 5ms, we think them as a group of data. Such as Table 1, the third data packet of Laser scanner sensor and the seventh packet data of others is one group data.

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