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This e-book is aimed toward a wide viewers: scientists, engineers, professors and scholars clever adequate to maintain a serious stance at any time when faced with the chilling dogmas of up to date physics. Readers will discover a tantalizing quantity of fabric calculated to nurture their concepts and arouse their suspicion, to some extent no less than, at the so-called validity of trendy such a lot celebrated actual theories.

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Indeed, knowing whether the velocity of light depends on its propagating direction. This issue is central because the Michelson-Morley and MichelsonGale experiments respectively give null and non-null results, bringing contradicting answers. These questions are heavily debated in the literature (24-29). Consequently, an observer measuring an event A in his own reference frame, and receiving at the same time a signal coming from another event B located at a distance Ar from A can say nothing else than: ta = tb + \Ar\/c (90) For the observer A, this is a means to measure locally in A the time tb by postulating that the speed c for a one way trip is known independently of any process of synchronization which would lead to circular claims on the possibility to measure the velocity of light on a one way trajectory.

O,-* m with the following velocity definitions: ^r TT U TT ^ro * Uo = Wo dr _ dr dto dto dro „ dto _ « = ,,,,, (154) For space, we have dr0 where we have written: 3r 0 N f^^<\ A -aT = -d7 + lTt-Vro = Ns (156) iV0 = e 7 U + U 0 + ( 7 - l ) ( U 0 - U ) / U 2 (157) ATs = - e 7 U + U s + ( 7 - l ) ( U s - U ) / U 2 (158) This results in the relativistic law of composition of velocities: U. U5/c2 (162) On the other hand, the preceding formulas can also define velocity fields in a single reference frame where velocities U 0 and \JS are respectively, for each of these formulas, an initial velocity.

In order to demonstrate the equality given above, we use the preceding definitions, rewritten in the form: ds2 = E sxiSxtr = E E E I r f i 6Xisxw i i j k ( 23 ) ^ It follows the condition i J which is verified for the equalities: (V R r) T = (VKr)~l = VR (25) This last equality results from equation 20. 3-2-3-Calculation of velocities in a change of reference frame The velocity of point P with respect to the fixed reference frame at a given instant is obtained by deriving relation 16 with respect to time: dr dte dRm + -di = nr ^r- VRr+Rm -7t d VRl (26) 40 ADVANCED ELECTROMAGNETISM AND VACUUM PHYSICS The use of the same symbol d/dt to define the particular derivative of vectors r, r e and R™ is justified on grounds that this derivation only concerns the components of vectors, and not the base vectors.

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