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By Bekir Aktas, Faik Mikailov

The booklet goals to supply an outline of modern growth within the figuring out of magnetic homes in nanoscale via fresh result of numerous theoretical and experimental investigations. The papers describe a variety of actual features, including theoretical and experimental tools. it really is of valuable curiosity to researchers and experts in magnetism and magnetic fabrics technological know-how, either in educational and commercial examine, in addition to complex scholars.

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Yilgin and B. 3) where ± sign denotes direction. When a voltage is applied between the front and the back of the junction, the flux of polarized charged (injected spins) is carried from layer 1 into layer 2. The current through the junction depends on the angle between the quantization axes of layers 1 and 2. So, + and − signs are the current for the parallel (P, angle = 0) and P→AP antiparallel (AP, angle = π) orientations of the magnetizations, Ic0 and AP→P . Here α is the phenomenological intrinsic Gilbert damping constant Ic0 usually measured by ferromagnetic resonance experiments.

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