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A vintage paintings of feminist scholarship, Ain't I a girl has turn into a must-read for all these attracted to the character of black womanhood. interpreting the effect of sexism on black girls in the course of slavery, the devaluation of black womanhood, black male sexism, racism between feminists, and the black woman's involvement with feminism, hooks makes an attempt to maneuver us past racist and sexist assumptions. the result's not anything wanting groundbreaking, giving this e-book a severe position on each feminist scholar's bookshelf.

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She came com­ plaining of incessant pain and weakness in her back. This woman was a mullatto daughter of a slave called Sophy, by a white man of the name of Walker who visited the plantation. Charlotte, Renty’s wife, has had two miscarriages, and was with child again. She was almost crippled with rheuma­ tism, and showed me a pair of poor swollen knees that made my heart ache. I have promised her a pair of flannel trousers, which I must forthwith set about making. Sarah, Stephen’s wife; this woman’s case and history alike are deplorable.

Given the strains of endless pregnancies and the hardships of childbirth, it is understandable that 19th century white women felt no great attachment to their sexuality and gladly accepted the new, glorified de-sexualized identity white men imposed upon them. Most white women eagerly absorbed sexist ideology that claimed virtuous women had no sexual impulses. So convinced were they of the necessity to hide their sexuality that they were unwilling to undress to expose sick 32 A IN ’T I A WOMAN body parts to male physicians.

I have promised her a pair of flannel trousers, which I must forthwith set about making. Sarah, Stephen’s wife; this woman’s case and history alike are deplorable. She has had four miscarriages, had brought seven children into the world, five of whom were dead, and was again with child. She complained of dreadful pains in the back, and an internal tumor which swells with the exertion of working in the fields; probably I think, it is ruptured.... I suppose her constant childbearing and hard labor in the fields at the same time may have produced...

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