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By Alan J. Vick, Adam Grissom, William Rosenau, Beth Grill, Karl P. Mueller

Background indicates that an bothered kingdom needs to itself defeat an insurgency politically and militarily, and the way to assistance is to supply recommendation, education, and gear.

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February 6, 2006, especially pp. 2 and 87–91. 6 Air Power in the New Counterinsurgency Era Purpose and Organization of This Monograph The objective is to help USAF explore its potential role in future counterinsurgency operations. S. interests? (2) What strategy should the United States pursue to counter insurgent threats? (3) What role does military power play in defeating insurgencies? (4) What steps should USAF take to most effectively contribute to counterinsurgency? Chapter Two explores how the insurgency phenomenon has evolved and the nature of the current challenge to the United States.

58 For an assessment of this issue, as well as a discussion of the possible convergences among contemporary terrorists, insurgents, and criminals, see Angel Rabasa, Peter Chalk, R. Kim Cragin, Sara A. Daly, Heather S. Gregg, Theodore W. Karasik, Kevin A. : RAND Corporation, MG-430-AF, forthcoming. 59 Jason Burke, “Special Report: Al Qaeda After Spain,” Prospect (London), May 27, 2004. 24 Air Power in the New Counterinsurgency Era globalist stance, internationalization has occurred elsewhere. European jihadists, for example, are not seeking to establish an Islamic state on the continent.

S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, November 2004, p. 36. 40 The phrase “feral cities” is taken from Richard J. Norton, “Feral Cities,” Naval War College Review, Vol. LVI, No. 4, Autumn 2003. 41 Beckett (2003, pp. 237–238). 42 Metz and Millen (2004, p. 1). , December 2004, p. 97. 44 But as important as these factors no doubt are, they do not give the full picture. As with other political phenomena, monocausal explanations of insurgency are inadequate. The presence of grievances is hardly sufficient, since as Walter Laqueur has noted, grievances are part of every human society.

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