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It's like a jump, a leap, a sudden seeing of something that was already known. ' And is that more likely to happen by virtue o f our coming here? I think in some ways what goes on here (and elsewhere) is that the mind comes in, as I said at the beginning, with the intention of getting something - and then realises that it's not going to get anything, because actually there's nothing being given. It goes on coming, still with the idea of getting something, and it doesn't get anything . . And it goes on and on until it just simply gives up.

Surely it's your own play? Whose play? Even after awakening there is no one there to choose or to make anything happen. And there's no need to make anything happen. Whatever seems to happen is only an appearance of the one. But whose play is it? It's nobody's play - it's just play. There is no one - there is no one out there! There really isn't - there's no one. There's just play. But isn't it some form o f intelligence? There is intelligence but it's not an intelligence - it's just intelligent play.

No one can, because it's a happening that's totally alone. The whole of creation is for you. That's absolutely true totally uniquely for you. So you're alone but there's no loneliness. No, there is no loneliness, except obviously before awakening. Afterwards, there is aloneness but you are living in love, so there's no loneliness because falling in love has finally happened; falling in love with everything. The perfect lover has been found because everything is the perfect lover. And this is all oneness.

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