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By Tanya Lee Stone

That they had definitely the right stuff. They defied the prejudices of the time. and so they blazed a path for generations of ladies to follow.

What does it take to be an astronaut? Excellence at flying, braveness, intelligence, resistance to emphasize, most sensible actual form — any record would come with those. but if the United States created NASA in 1958, there has been one other unstated rule: you needed to be a guy. here's the story of 13 ladies who proved that they weren't merely as tricky because the hardest guy but in addition courageous sufficient to problem the govt.. They have been blocked through prejudice, jealousy, and the scrawled word of 1 of the main robust males in Washington. yet even if the Mercury thirteen ladies didn't make it into house, they didn't lose, for his or her instance empowered younger women to take their position within the sky, piloting jets and commanding house drugs. nearly ASTRONAUTS is the tale of 13 precise pioneers of the distance age.

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Cobb wrote a letter to Sloan’s boss on her behalf, playing up her position as a NASA consultant and mentioning Flickinger, as well as the fact that Life magazine would likely cover the story when it broke. It worked like a charm. And, of course, once again, babysitters needed to be lined up. Fridges stocked. Travel plans made. The excitement grew. The main attraction was the testing. But this was also going to be the first time these women had ever come together as a group. (Previous page) The cover story of the April 1961 Parade magazine captured the attention of young women pilots all over the country.

Big, heavy doors. You enter. The doors thunk closed behind you. In front of you is a tomblike thing. As big as a tanker truck and as round as a barrel. It takes up the whole room. The only glimpse of its inner workings is a human-size drawer, which is open — ready to carry its next subject — you — into its belly. You are told to undress, scrub clean, and slip on a white gown. You climb up the wooden steps to the drawer’s opening and lie down on cold, hard metal. A body on a stretcher. You fold your arms across your chest and stay silent.

There were men around the base who weren’t thrilled to have her there. They were waiting to see if she could cut it. Waiting to watch her fail. Cobb climbed into the copilot’s seat. Eighteen probes were attached to her head, and a camera and other recording devices were hooked up to record her every move. The pilot made that plane climb, dive, loop, roll, swerve — death-defying feats. 46 ALMOST ASTRONAUTS The camera captured the movements beyond her control — eyeballs out, eyeballs in — but fear never crept across her face.

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