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By Benjamin S. Lambert

Contemporary campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have tested that American provider air strength can behavior coordinated deep-strike missions way past coastal reaches, delivering round the clock objective assurance, constantly exact objective assault, and a number of profitable targer assaults consistent with sortie.

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Those operating areas were repositioned from time to time to meet changing tactical requirements. Eventually, however, carrier-launched air missions came to average a distance of 600 nautical miles from their stations some 100–120 nautical miles south of the Pakistani coast to central Afghanistan and another 150–200 nautical miles to northern Afghanistan. 1 Carrier Presence on Station During Operation Enduring Freedom USS Enterprise 2001 2002 (Sep 13–Oct 23) USS Carl Vinson (Sep 12–Dec 16) USS Kitty Hawk (Oct 12–Dec 12) USS Theodore Roosevelt (Oct 17–Mar 3) USS John C.

As Stennis got under way heading for the AOR, CVW-9 squadron operations officers communicated daily over the SIPRNET (secure Internet protocol router network) with their counterparts already on station and engaged in combat to familiarize themselves with the daily flow pattern and prepare for what was to come. Squadron commanders and executive officers conducted similar daily SIPRNET exchanges with their engaged counterparts in the AOR. 21 Throughout the war, carrier-based strike assets in all participating air wings averaged around 40 actual shooter sorties a day per carrier.

3 During these operations, the Navy’s EA-6Bs played a new role. In the past, they had focused mainly on jamming enemy surface-to-air missile (SAM) radars. 4 Those operations were supported by an elaborate inflight refueling scheme, with carrier-based S-3 tankers orbiting off the coast of Pakistan to top off inbound Navy strike aircraft just before the latter proceeded to their holding stations over Afghanistan. Air Force KC____________ 3 Thomas E. Ricks and Vernon Loeb, “Initial Aim Is Hitting Taliban Defenses,” Washington Post, October 8, 2001.

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