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By Carol Tavris

"This landmark publication" (San Francisco Chronicle) dispels the typical myths in regards to the reasons and makes use of of anger -- for instance, that expressing anger is often right for you, that suppressing anger is usually bad, or that ladies have specified "anger difficulties" that males don't. Dr. Carol Tavris expertly examines each side of that interesting emotion -- from genetics to emphasize to the fad for justice.

totally revised and up to date, Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion now comprises:

* a brand new attention of organic politics: may still testosterone or PMS excuse rotten tempers or competitive activities? * The 5 stipulations less than which anger is perhaps potent -- and whilst it isn't. * ideas for fixing particular anger difficulties -- persistent anger, facing tough humans, repeated relations battles, anger after divorce or victimization, and competitive little ones.

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