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By Frederick S. B. Kibenge, Marcos Godoy

To this point textbooks on viruses infecting fish, crustaceans and molluscs, the 3 major aquatic animal farmed groups,  were by and large “diseases-centric” and person viral ailments chosen according to “epizoo-centric” techniques with little to no insurance of the fundamental biology of the viruses, not like textbooks on viruses infecting terrestrial – farmed, puppy, and free-range (wild) – animals and people. regardless of enormous advances in animal virology lately coupled with an economically very important worldwide aquaculture undefined, wisdom of viruses of animal aquaculture continues to be sparse and every so often superseded even though those viruses are heavily with regards to recognized virus households. The final publication in fish virology (Fish viruses and fish viral ailments 1988, Wolf, K.) used to be released within the Nineteen Eighties. loads of paintings has been performed on fish viruses and lots of new aquatic animal viruses stay found. Aquaculture Virology offers the present kingdom of data of aquatic animal viruses in the present virus class and taxonomic context thereby permitting the reader to attract at the rules of normal virology. This ebook is a scientific and concise source worthwhile to an individual concerned with or trying to circulation into aquaculture and fisheries. scientific veterinarians, aquaculture sickness practitioners, biologists, farmers, and all these in undefined, executive or academia who're drawn to aquatic animal virology will locate this booklet super useful.

  • Provides exact complete details on animal viruses for aquaculture and fisheries
  • Presents top of the range illustrations of viral constitution, diagrams of viral ailment methods, gross pathology and histopathology lesions, and precis tables to help in understanding
  • Describes aquatic animal viruses of the 3 significant aquatic animals, fish, crustaceans, and molluscs, in the present virus type and taxonomic context thereby permitting the reader to attract at the ideas of basic virology

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