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By Maurice Wiles

Arians within the 3rd century advert maintained that Jesus was once much less divine than God. considered as the archetypal Christian heresy, Arianism was once condemned within the Nicene Creed and it seems that squashed via the early church. much less popular is the truth that fifteen centuries later, Arianism was once alive and good, championed by way of Isaac Newton and different scientists of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. This e-book asks how and why Arianism continued.

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Barnes, 'The Consecration of Ulfila', JTS ns 41 (1990), 541-5. For a recent defense of the more customary date of 341, see Heather, Goths and Romans, 142. Seven years of missionary work were brought to an end when he was thrown out of the Gothic territory in which he had been working. The persecution of the Gothic Christians and the expulsion of their bishop was almost certainly politically motivated. To the Goths Ulfila's missionary activity is likely to have appeared as a form of Roman infiltration.

Aretius, A Short History of Valentinus Gentilis the Tritheist (London, 1696), 58-63. This work was originally published in Geneva in 1567 under the title Valentini Gentilis justo capitis supplicio Bernae affecti brevis historia, et contra eiusdam blasphemias orthodoxa defensio articuli de S. Trinitate. The production of an English translation and the choice of its title were part of a campaign against William Sherlock in the 'tritheist' controversy in England at the end of the 17th century. Protestant orthodoxy shared with its Catholic counterpart a strong urge to associate any heretic in the area of Trinitarian doctrine with the name of Arius.

What is clear is his allegiance to the homoian creed of 360 with its rejection of substance language and its attempt to stay as close as possible to Scripture. That same position finds forceful expression in Ulfila's own confession of faith, recorded by his disciple Auxentius, at the end of his life. 69 69 'Scolia Arriana in Concilium Aquilense', 40, in Scripta Arriana Latina, i. 166 (Scolies Ariennes, 63, p. 250; Eng. trans. Heather and Matthews, The Goths in the Fourth Century, 153). And by that time it certainly had a strongly anti-Nicene character.

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