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By Siegmar-W. Breckle, Aaron Yair, Maik Veste

Sand dune dynamics performs a key position in lots of arid deserts. This quantity offers a synthesis of a particular sand dune atmosphere, the Nizzana website within the Negev wilderness. Describing its weather and geophysical/geochemical houses of soils, geological background, wildlife, and past/present land-use styles, it elucidates ecological and geomorphological tactics and their interrelations, in response to long term tracking, in situ experiments and satellite tv for pc imagery. specific realization is interested in the influence of the topsoil organic crust in controlling water availability at local/regional scales. The interdisciplinary strategy followed as a consequence examine bargains a great instance of a hugely advanced and dynamic process, which may simply be utilized to different sandy ecosystems. this can be a necessary resource of knowledge for soil ecologists and microbiologists, conservation biologists, wilderness ecologists and geographers, geomorphologists, soil scientists and climatologists, teachers, coverage makers and others attracted to deserts and desertification.

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The Nizzana research site is located in the proximity of the Egyptian-Israeli borderline in the southern Hallamish sandy area. The sand ridges in the area trend W–E and are considered by Tsoar et al. (see Chap. 3, this volume) as vegetated stabilized linear dunes (Fig. 2). 5 m (Allgaier 1993). The relative height of the dune increases from north to south. The area is characterized by a sharp rainfall gradient. Average annual rainfall varies from approx. 170 mm in the north to approx. 90 mm in the south along a distance of 35 km.

Monocantha. The Dune Base The base of north-facing slopes is characterized by a narrow belt with dense vegetation cover, in local concavities reaching up to 100%. The crust is 2–3 mm thick, smooth, and very rich in fine-grained particles (contents up to 45%) and organic matter (contents approx. 4–6%). The high density of the vegetation is due to the good water regime, which results from water concentration at the dune base by three complementary processes: direct rainfall; surface runoff generated over the smooth crusted slope, and shallow subsurface flow (see Chap.

3. 98) 30 H. Tsoar et al. Sand type 3 has penetrated from the Sinai into the Negev in a wedge form that tapers towards Har Keren. The RI lines show increasing values in the penetration direction, which indicates that this sand became redder during downwind transport. This fact supports our assumption that the sand becomes redder with time. The distinct sand dune morphology of the Haluza-Agur Sands supports the interpretation that it is a discrete dunefield. According to Fig. 3, it is plausible that the HaluzaAgur Sands overlie sand type 1, and that some of sand type 1 has mixed with sand type 3.

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