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By Gilles Lachaud, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Michael A. Tsfasman

This quantity includes the court cases of the eleventh convention on AGC2T, held in Marseilles, France in November 2007. There are 12 unique learn articles overlaying asymptotic homes of worldwide fields, mathematics homes of curves and better dimensional kinds, and functions to codes and cryptography. This quantity additionally features a survey article on functions of finite fields via J.-P. Serre. AGC2T meetings occur in Marseilles, France each 2 years. those foreign meetings were an immense occasion within the region of utilized mathematics geometry for greater than twenty years

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Leep and L. M. Schueller is too much restrictive and we cannot find the minimal distance. In this case, however, we have a bound given by G. 3 ]: |X ∩ Q| ≤ 4(q 2 + q + 1) which is not the best possible. In this paper we find some optimal bounds except the case where X is a degenerate quadric with rank(X ) = 4 and projective index g(X )=1. The paper is organized as follows. First of all we recall some generalities on quadrics. 4] and their geometric structure, we find some interesting bounds on the number of rational points on the intersection of two quadrics.

38 6 GERHARD FREY AND ERNST KANI (b) Since H in (Sn , C) is finite and ´etale over the smooth affine space U5 ⊂ P5 (cf. [We], p. 7), it follows that it is also smooth and affine. Thus, Hn∗ is normal and affine. This argument, however, does not guarantee that H in (Sn , C) and Hn∗ are connected; this will be established later by another method (cf. 9). (c) The system (σ1 , · · · σ5 ) is not rigid (in the sense of [V1], p. 38). Of course it is not difficult to see this by group theory but it is more difficult to compute the number of non-conjugate isomorphism classes.

1 (Gn ) = {(g, τ−1 (g)) : g ∈ Gn } where τ−1 is the automorphism of Gn given by conjugation with an element β ∈ GL2 (Z/nZ) of determinant −1; cf. [KS] and [Fr2]. If ζn ∈ / K, then the construction of Zn,−1 is more complicated; in this case ZN,−1 is still a quotient of X(n) × X(n), (where now X(n)/K denotes Shimura’s canonical model of X(n)/C), but the quotient has to be taken with respect to an ´etale group scheme rather than a (constant) group (scheme); cf. [Ka7] for more detail. 42 10 GERHARD FREY AND ERNST KANI For us it is important that we have found a very explicit variety which is isomorphic to the Hurwitz space Hn∗ (as we shall see), and this allows us to study its geometric and Diophantine properties.

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